Thursday September 22nd 2016 at 21:30

(concert - folk/americana)

Doors 21:00
Show 21:30
Entry 7 euro - 5 for students (reservations with the form below)


Born and raised her entire life in Canada’s poorest urban neighbourhood, Hannah eschewed the usual sugary tunes of adolescence and found instead a music that spoke to her, and to those oblique corners of society that she lives. Woody Guthrie. Doc Watson. Early Dylan. Of course, the fit was seamless. Folk music is a community’s real music, singing for love, yes, but also for respect, for fairness, and for ‘the everyman’ Hannah has lived among every day. Raised in that milieu and yet in a loving home with many musical sisters, a father who plays the blues, and a mother who founded a free classical music academy for underprivileged youth, Hannah has a lot to recommend her.

Call it Providence - we, the listeners, are doubly blessed. It happened so subtly one day, at the music academy that Hannah met her ideal complement in Jamie Elliot. Both were prepping food in the kitchen on one of those days when singing is the only thing that will get you through. Hannah starts on a tune, “The Good Old Way”. And with no introduction and no aha! the new volunteer across the kitchen joins in. What are the chances? In a world where the music entertainment juggernaut churns out pop candy to the masses, what are the chances that two young strangers in the same room should know that Primitive Methodist revival song? They sing, as though they have been singing together in a world before their birth. Jamie with a voice equal to, yet different than, Hannah’s. Within two months the future Twin Bandit Duo would be writing their first song together.

But the best songwriting duos are a dialectic of individual creativity and perspective (Rodgers the lyrics,Hammerstein the music; McCartney the love, Lennon the anger), and thankfully, Jamie and Hannah are anything but clones. Jamie also grew up singing, but explored many genres of music before finally falling in love with roots: bluegrass, old time, country and folk. A late fan of Dolly Parton, the Dixie Chicks, and the immortal country duo the Louvin Brothers, at age sixteen Jamie picked up her first guitar discovered there the power – and the joy - of music as a means of self-expression. Her music CV already includes stints now with Christopher Leigh and the Boogie Chillens, the Sirens, and Ali Romanow and the Mission Hill Family Band.

So get ready for some Providence. For some unforgettable tunes, exquisite harmonies, and lyrics that dare to speak of more than sugar.

-Kelly McCartney (Folk Alley)