- 05.10 2015 at 21:00

(USA - folk, experimental, gregorian)

Hunched over a spread of guitar effects, an otherworldly voice howls into the microphone as a looped phrase from an acoustic guitar rings and mingles with feedback. 'Circuit des Yeux', the brainchild of 26 year old Haley Fohr channels a gregorian disorderliness that seems difficult to categorize at first. Giving into the minimal layers of acoustic strums, gentle strings and the maudlin voice a pattern emerges, closely drawing the listener into a Lovecraftian space without restraint. Performing live, Haley Fohr, runs her acoustic guitar through different filters and distortion pedals experimenting with various positions of the monitors to produce feedback manipulations that act as the atmospheric foundation of her intoxicating and life-affirming songs.

Strangely reminiscent of Scott Walker, William Burroughs or Ligeti, this is monolithic drone folk at its best in the wake of Nico's harrowing masterpiece 'The Marble Index'. Having released 'In Plain Speech' on the prestigious 'Thrill Jockey' label to critical acclaim, Fohr has already shared the stage with experimental pop group Pillars & Tongues, Bill Callahan, Liturgy, Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never among others. Join us for this immersive experience that should challenge the traditional aspects of music performed in a live setting.

'Where previous records offered a portal into Fohr's own inner space, In Plain Speech is about altering her listeners' perceptions, and taking them somewhere new.' Pitchfork