CLUB TALKS by Pipapo x De Gudde Wëllen

- 28.12 2023


Turning tables, turning generations aka everyone here got so young and how should we deal with it. 

A relaxed discussion on nightlife, wellbeing, inclusion by Pipapo x De Gudde Wëllen. 

Ho ho ho! Winter holiday time is always a special time when we come together and have fun, right? But while being back home and going out like you used to perhaps you found yourself thinking: “OMG everyone here is so young, new music is shit ( too old or too techno), and so are new drugs, there are way too many new people, or too many oldies, I don’t know who to talk to and if I say something I look like a creep, I can’t stand the crowd, I don’t fit in etc?”

Of course, we often want to party with our peers, go somewhere comfortable, where we know everything and everyone, because of nostalgia, fear of time, fear of the other, fear of the unknown, fear of realization that life is moving forward and we all need to learn how to adapt to it, or better yet, go with the flow of it. 

Did our desire for the comfort and resentment to adaptation lead us to the lack of fluent and inclusive party culture in Luxembourg?

After the pandemic, many nightlife locations have experienced a switch in the audience and we could not resist to not ask ourselves: Why? Is it a good or a bad thing? Who decided this? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  

To answer these questions, we decided to let the people talk. 

Join us for an open dialogue to figure out together:

  • Which evolutions can we see through different generations on different levels of nightlife culture in Luxembourg ( ex. music, dance culture, substance use, pleasure, flirting, self respect and care for others, care for the space and also of violence and discrimination in Nightlife? )
  • How do we go about and consciously adapt to these evolutions? 
  • Share and examine the unique characteristics of parties across different age groups.
  • Discuss the needs and actions for the audience and facilitators of nightlife space to create more safe and inclusive spaces. 

Our goal is to start a discussion and explore ways to design and curate party environments that cater to diverse groups and  ages, parties that feel welcoming and safe for whoever comes and goes. 

Join us for this open talk and become a part of shaping a space where we want and like to be together, and of course, party!