- 03.05 2023



Have space? Use it well!

03-10 MAY (depending on the openings of the bar)


Welcome “pop up exhibitions” at the Gudde Wëllen, for our first edition we offer a fresh and unique perspective on the culture of clubbing. The exhibition features a collection of captivating and thought-provoking photographs that aim to challenge our traditional understanding of clubbing and invite visitors to reflect on their behavior during these social events.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of images, from candid snapshots of party-goers lost in the moment, to more introspective portraits that capture the raw emotion and vulnerability of those on the dance floor.

One of the central themes of the exhibition is changing perspectives. By offering visitors a new lens through which to view clubbing, the exhibition aims to encourage a deeper understanding of this popular social phenomenon. It invites us to question our assumptions about clubbing and to explore the diverse experiences and perspectives of those who participate in it.

Another key aspect of the exhibition is its focus on behavior during clubbing. By encouraging visitors to reflect on their own behavior and attitudes, the exhibition seeks to promote a more conscious and responsible clubbing culture. It challenges us to look beyond the surface and engage with this dynamic and often misunderstood culture in a more meaningful and introspective way.



An Ode to club culture 

In his work, Milo Hatfield tries to convey how “togetherness” can feel like a movement, a gaze, a blur, a feeling… As the light crosses the lens, it burns a short moment onto the analogue film, capturing only a fraction of a second from an evening where time is fluid. 

The choice to shoot film lies in the simplicity the old technology brings. Without screens and menus cluttering the view, the distance between the photographer and the photographed is broken. An almost childish wide-angle lens lets the work happen in the midst of the crowd. It is a moment of togetherness. A sea of people floods the small building, flowing as one. In a wild storm of flashes and thuds, the crew tackles the waves to keep the ship afloat. 

To the people in suits and to those in joggers; 

To the people high on life and to those high on everything else; 

To the people that tear up the dance floor and to the head-nodders; 

To the people that pop by for a coffee and to those that can’t remember what they’ve had; 

To the people that dare to venture out, to those that come together; 

To the people that make us feel safe and to those that come to feel safe; 

To De Gudde Wëllen and to us, 

Get home safe and see you next week.



The French photographer alpha-Medy aims through this exhibition to highlight the human, the youth, a moment frozen in time, an ode to lost moments. For him, it is also a work of archiving a way not to forget anything, build your own diary as naturally as possible.