BALDO VERDÚ (LDN) + Pehuenche (MX)

- 25.04

(org. Itinerantes)

Baldo Verdú (LDN)

Support: Pehuenche (MX)

org: Itinerantes 


DOORS: 20:30

SHOW: 21:00


Presale tickets: 12 

Tickets at the doors: 15



Born and raised in Caracas (Venezuela), Baldo Verdú grew up in a family of folkloric and classical musicians. First, approaching music through percussion, which allowed him to explore the richness of Afro-Venezuelan rhythms and the roots and traditions of his people. Then the guitar; the instrument that has connected that heritage with more universally known musical styles, such as soul, funk, electronic, rock and pop.

His music is denoted by contrasts, in a sound he has made his own, encompassing the pain of self-exile as well as the pleasures of discovering new cultural and artistic perspectives. Once described as a Latin-swing-coup-d’état by a guy who saw him performing live.

Baldo Verdú fuses soulful pop melodies with Afro-Latin drums, creating an impossible-to-ignore unique blend of upbeat rhythms.



Pehuenche (MX)

Pehuenche is the musical project of the Mexican singer Rafael Mesa, who in his work goes through a healing process; a liberating process that unleashes nostalgia and melancholy to recognize oneself as a human being and at the same time as a mirror for listening to him.

Pehuenche's live performance envelops you in a mysterious energy, to take you to an intimate and delicate space, through a ritual of catharsis, generating an internal dialogue that runs through fantasies, fears and joys, being a paragon that emanates radiance and wake up at the time of being heard.

With more than 10 years in the music industry. Pehuenche frames in the musical arrangements the peculiarity of his androgynous voice, a wink that is perfect for the listener, who manages to place himself in a sparsely inhabited space, generating an effect of personal introspection. .