- 09.03

(Big Sexy Spectacular Moon Man Show Extraordinaire)


DOORS: 20:00

SHOW: 20:30


Presale tickets: 12/9 (student)

Tickets at the doors: 15/ 13 (student)

Kulturpass available at the doors



Jackie Moontan is a moon man, or so he claims.

Other claims include that he crash landed his spaceship into a Mississippi swamp in the mid 70’s, that he was partially blinded by seeing Elvis perform in a glitzy rhinestone suit in Las Vegas and that he taught James Brown how to do the funky chicken, the last claim being highly questionable.

What’s an actual fact however is that he fell in love with this strange blue planet and its strange blue inhabitants, and that he’s been traveling the world over writing songs about his encounters. Jackie is known for his love of everything kitsch and for wearing satin shirts and bright coloured suits on stage during his ‘Spectacular One Man Moon Man Karaoke Show Extraordinaire’ - as he calls it. Whatever he does on stage, whether it be entering a baptist church pastor like trance, howling, dancing or actually falling off stage.. you never really know what you’re gonna get if you’re going to one of his shows.

In his songs Jackie reveals himself to be both a discreet observer and a fabulous crooner, who tenderly relates his sometimes absurd and sometimes touching tales in a colourful combination of pop, funk and soul music that is very much his own.




Nea Lone is an alter ego of organ player, singer and songwriter Nadja Prange, who is drawn to the complexities of the human condition. With a unique integration of the Hammond organ into modern soundscapes, she presents a fresh twist on pop music and introduces a captivating new genre known as „Organ Pop“.

This blend combines elements of Jazz, Hip Hop and Pop with a touch of Neo Soul and occasional ventures into other genres. Nea’s introspective lyrics delve into themes of connection, resistance and personal growth. In the quest to find her essence, Nea explores and observes human behavior, suffering and madness, while struggling with confusion and contradiction in a world where certain things seem to be too crazy to be real.