- 30.05

(aerodynamic post punk with soft beating heart)

DOORS: 20:30

SHOW: 21:00


Presale tickets: 12/9 (student)

Tickets at the doors: 15/ 13 (student)

Kulturpass available at the doors


Expressive yet thoughtful, abrasive yet melodious, explosive yet introvert: Rotterdam’s Library Card are a band of contrasts. This is reflected in the group’s structure, the band being a tight-knit unit of four entirely different characters. Library Card formed in the summer of 2021, drawing inspiration from Detroit post-punks Protomartyr, cult Glaswegian art-rockers Life Without Buildings and the poetry of Anne Clark- to name but three of their eclectic influences- it's not too far-fetched to suggest that the uncertain period of time in which they formed has intrinsically latched itself to the band’s urgent, propulsive songwriting. Even in a city that’s known for its wayward guitar music, Library Card has quickly become a standout.

Spearheaded by Lot van Teylingen, whose spoken word alternates between sardonic and sincere in a matter of seconds, Library Card leave a lot of room in their music in which their members can manifest themselves equally, from Emre Karayalçin’s unorthodox, eye-catching rhythms to Kat Kalkman’s driving bass lines and Mitchell Quitz’s seemingly shape-shifting guitar performances. To call each of them a cog in a machine would do a disservice to Library Card’s humane outlook on what being in a band means, but it’s simply impossible to elevate one element of their spellbinding songs above another.