- 07.05 2022

(concert - jazz hip hop punk rock fusion)

Doors: 20:00

Show: 20:30

Presale: 13/9 ( student )


Tickets at the doors: 15/12

Accessible to KULTURPASS beneficiaries 



LINQ is a fusion of improvised jazz music, punk rock energy and hip hop freshness. It is the result of 13 years of experience of playing in different bands, ranging from Punk to Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz. The frontman Mateus Wojda has always dreamt of writing his own music and present his musical abstracities to the world. His compositions are written while thinking "how abstract can I go without losing the clarity and understanding of modern day music?" He combines his band experiences with his curiosity for 90's video game music which triggers a certain childhood nostalgia, leading him to sounds seldomly heard in a jazz context. Let LINQ take you on a journey through all sorts of grooves and sounds that take you back to times where everything was easy and you didn't have a worry in the world. LINQ doesn't try to fit in with the others, LINQ is just what the members choose it to be, and it invites you to do the same: be yourself without being ashamed of what you might not like about yourself. Accept it, be playful about it, embrace you inner child, live. Only you can take that pressure off of yourself. This is what LINQ wants you to feel like: refreshing, fun and energetic.