- 30.01 at 20:30

(concert - experimental pop)

Doors 20:30

Show 21:00

Tickets at the doors 9/ 7 for students (reservations below)


We Are The City, Vancouver's critically revered and internationally celebrated trio, for not only their innovative blend of prog-rock but for their award winning film and score work, announce a brand new, self produced, mixed and mastered record AT NIGHT coming out on October 5, 2018. 

The band is offerning an intimate preview back into their world with their "My Dinner With We Are The City". Over a candle-lit, catered dinner the trio reminisce on the silly to the sorrow-filled career moments they have encountered together over a decade and dissect the continued influences that inspires their work and keeps them together. They also reveal AT NIGHT will be the first of two very differently conceived and completed albums the band will release in succession. The additional album is called RIP, and its somber title and select additional details are referenced in the video. 

AT NIGHT arrived after a two-week burst of untethered creativity and full of warped crescendos and delicate comedowns. The album is joyful and intentionally imperfect. Featuring a guest appearance from Canadian hip-hop star Shad (who sings here, rather than rapping) or overlaying gossamer melodies with static-soaked experimentation, this is the sound of lightning in a bottle.

Singer-keyboardist Cayne McKenzie, drummer Andrew Huculiak and guitarist David Menzel started We Are The City when they were teenagers, and in the decade-plus since, they've used the project as an outlet for their wildest creative whims. They unveiled masked alter-egos (2011's High School EP), created an album with an accompanying, award-winning Norwegian-language feature film (2013's Violent), and staged a live stream of their recording sessions (2015's Above Club). Now, with the joys and occasional tragedies of adulthood having fully set in, they've taken on their latest challenge: absolute, unflinching sincerity.