Wednesday February 24th 2016 at 21:30

(concert - heavy I garage)

Doors 21:00

Show 21:30

Entry 7 euro (reservations through the form below - payment at the door )

Odd Couple is a Berlin-based duo. Together they deliver an urgent, sweaty rock ’n’ roll. It’s about using limited resources to send the audience into a frenzy, regardless of who is operating which instrument. A remake of the Black Keys formula? By no means! Odd Couple is less like a Blues based Rock duo. Instead Odd Couple uses early Garage Rock as a base camp for exploring personal territory.
Let’s take it from the start: Jascha Kreft and Tammo Dehn have known each other since their Kindergarten days. They’ve been making music together for about as long. Since the provincial backwaters of Northern Germany had become suffocating, the metropolis, as a haven for nonconformists, beckoned. In 2011 They moved to Berlin where everyday saw a variety of Berlin’s notorious creative youth, and party people gathered at their flat.
New life in the big city wasn't quite what Kreft and Dehn had anticipated. Behind the exciting façade there was a certain emptiness. Urban standards for cool reminded them of
a conformity that they already knew, and hated, in the sticks. Their dream of personal freedom turned into “Gleiches Ambiente” (or “the same ambiance”) and the thus titled song
by the punk rock band Die Goldenen Zitronen became a crown witness of their new project. With a sound that gets right down to the marrow, and dovetails with their sense of being outsiders in the city, they start a band called “Odd Couple”.
Their debut album It’s a Pressure to Meet You is what you could call “a Berlin album”, one that neither venerates nor rejects Berlin. It’s a Pressure to Meet You is a sort of catalogue of symptoms from this mode of living. Lyrically they take a a critical stab at the Berlin “afterhour” function, and the alienating underbelly of a thriving social scene where what could initially be an interesting conversation might yield to the realization that your conversational partner isn’t even listening to you but just waiting to interject his own thoughts again. Thus… It’s A Pressure to Meet You.
Thankfully these boys don't just sit around and criticize modern life. They also offer some relief from it. The ferocious Do It, will infect you with the power to make the world and your
experience in it, completely your own responsibility. This one is destined to be a headphone, get the job done favorite. Shake not only sums up the claustrophobia of urban life, it offers the panacea…