Saturday February 2nd

(Concert - Jazz/psychedelic/trip-hop)

Doors 20:00

Show 20:30

Presale 12/9*  At the doors 15/12*


veronika harcsa .▲vocals
lorenzo di maio .▲guitar
jérôme klein .▲keyboards
antoine pierre .▲drums

Two Belgians, one Hungarian and a Luxembourgish. Four musicians enjoying the exploration of a psychedelic blend of rock and trip-hop. At the crossroads of Radiohead, Damon Albarn, Modeselektor and Miles Davis.

 The narrative of the project is imbued with pictorial and cinematographic works. It is also rooted in a more and more oppressive reality.

 Next.Ape have shaped their sound: a slamming snare drum, a deep bass on the Moog, a distorted guitar, some keyboards and of course a clear and charismatic voice.

The groove is hectic and incisive. Improvisations give you goosebumps. It is impossible to remain static or indifferent. Their music just takes you.


organized with Bluebird Music asbl