- 27.09 2017 at 21:00

(concert - indie rock)

Doors 20:30

Show 21:00

Tickets at the doors: 7 euro (5 for students)

"A slick synthesis of dreamy balladry...fidgety guitar-work...and arena-ready power-pop..." - SPIN Magazine

"Headed by Michael Mooney's destructive voice, the band features an unassailable melodious sound and finely chiseled, constructed and rallying tunes...wild, slightly retro, indie, completely crazy pop-rock." - BRBR TFO

"There is nothing better than coming across a band that you happen to fall in love with and then find out they're from the city of Montreal." - Confront Magazine

Montreal-based "indie-rock practitioners", Le Trouble formed in 2012 after a fluke meeting between Quebec-born guitarist/songwriter Maxime Veilleux and charismatic Australian singer Michael Mooney at a music ad agency, the quintet quickly drew the attention of U.S. based labels, premiered their debut EP "Reality Strikes" on Spin Magazine, and landed a performance slot at Osheaga Festival all within the span of a year. Following a fleeting brush with the American pop machine that would have destroyed most bands, Veilleux, Mooney alongside guitarist Bao-Khanh Nguyen, bassist Garrett Dougherty and drummer Jesse Gnaedinger, struck a deal with like-minded Indica Records to release their debut LP.

Their debut full length album "Making Matters Worse" sounds like all five bandmates and their individual styles playing off each other and ultimately shining through. To the rest of us, it's homebrewed pop with honest lyrics and big hooks that might sound calculated, but are actually are cathartic 'fuck you's' they needed to let out. Like any band, they've faced their fair share of setbacks, but to them, failures are just the moments you end up laughing about later.