Friday February 1st

(Club Night)

▰ Doors: 22h00
▰ Entrance free 
▰ Limited capacity, be early!!!
▰ Official Partners: Stitch Shop - Smets - Fritz-Kola - Bacardi - Bombay Sapphire - La Petite Reserve

/////LINE UP

°°°° FLOOR °°°°

▰ BUSY P  (FR)

If you haven’t heard of Pedro Winter, you must hate electronic music, have no access to the internet, or else live in a cave! If this doesn’t apply to you, you will have listened to one of the many artists on his label Ed Banger Records maybe without even knowing it.

DJ, producer, art director, and boss of the Ed Rec label, Pedro «Busy P» Winter shifted from being an emblematic figure of the Parisian underground to the Frenchman who makes the whole World dance.

At only 34 years old – 12 of which spent managing Daft Punk (six millions albums sold) – the man who discovered Justice is established as the golden boy of electronic music.

▰ SO ME  (FR)

So Me is a French director-graphic designer-photographer-musician-artistic director based in Paris. 
He is the mastermind behind the powerful image of Ed Banger Records, home to Justice, Sebastian, Breakbot, Busy P, which he joined at the age of 23 at the end of his graphic design studies. A real key element of the label, he gave it its distinct identity: a profusion of typographies and colorful drawings, playful references to pop culture.

▰ WARM-UP by RALITT resident DJ

°°°° KELLER °°°°


Katy De Jesus is a unique up & comer in the Berlin underground. She blends her Portuguese heritage and Luxembourgish upbringing with fresh inspiration from the German capital. With a true ear for rhythm, Katy’s sets focus on driving, hypnotic beats spliced with tripped out samples and the occasional rave classic. Her lazerlike command of the turntables guides the dancefloor through a captivating & seamless journey. Katy is a regular at « Rocas », « De Gudde Wëllen », as in off locations in Luxembourg’s electronic underground scene. She’s steadily building her appearance catalogue throughout Berlin at underground hotspots Chalet, Anita Berber, Crack Bellmer, Anomalie and numerous illegal raves. Additionally, she looks forward to diving deeper in production to express her sonic imagination. As a Family Unit resident, Katy is true asset to the collective. Her profound ability to keep the energy going for a party is second to none. Katy’s dedication to DJing with her thoughtful approach to selecting render her a genuine talent and one to watch!


ean Pierre Strasser aka Fonclair, from a Madagascan mother & a Luxembourgish father, is a Luxembourg born & based, artist, electronic music producer, composer, Dj & member of electronic music, Berlin based Label, Lauter Unfug & Fehler Musik.

2018 He creates “Hush” alongside Acasual & De Jesus. A Label/Collective which is aimed on the organic effect of music on human beings -> Hush, let her speak.