Music On Hold (FR)

- 04.05 2022

(concert - indie pop)

Doors: 20:00

Show: 20:30

Presale: 13/9 ( for students ) 

Tickets at the doors: 15/12 (for students)


Accessible to KULTURPASS beneficiaries 



Music On Hold deliver an LP with strictly “only the hits” in updated graphics and soundbite studio wizardry... and amen! It’s the shinning neon-color video game classic you never played in your youth in the arcades. You only dreamed about it after too many bong hits. You think you’ve heard these songs before? Ha! You’ve never heard them better brother. Gary Wilson called, and sung you a melody and the Human League stole the synth lines...then The Spits put lead guitar in slow-motion. HEY! Superior Viaduct just found another lost record by Departmentstore Santas... Hold on. No they didn’t.. our trusted Born Bad just stumbled upon a collection of stone-cold classics laying behind the wall of VHS’s and sent them to be remastered for the best Sunday drive of your life.

Nathan Roche