Woolen Men + Honey Bucket presented by Autumn Sweater

- 20.09 2018 at 20:00

(concert - post punk)

Doors: 20h00
Price: 9/7* (*students)

For this first gig in the "presented by Autumn Sweater"-series we are incredibly proud to bring the crème de la crème of Portland's punk scene to Luxembourg. Woolen Men and Honey Bucket both bring a DIY-punk energy mixed with sometimes strong sometimes charming melodies to the stage.
If you like Dead Moon, Wipers, Modern Lovers, The Feelies or anything on the Flying Nun label you're in for a treat.

// The Woolen Men (Dog’s Table / Woodsist / PDX, OR) //

Inspired by the no-nonsense mid-fi punk of the early Wipers and Dead Moon, with a touch of oddball New Zealand pop added to the mix, The Woolen Men formed in the late 2000s in Portland, Oregon. The trio is made up of Alex Geddes, Lawton Browning and Raf Spielman. After forming, the band began a prolific string of 7” and cassette releases for labels like Eggy, Gnar Tapes and Apes Tapes while also self-releasing tour tapes.

The band caught the ear of Woodsist Records and began working on an album in 2012, eventually using the results of five different sessions recorded in five locations to put together The Woolen Men (Woodsist / 2013). Another string of smaller D.I.Y releases, including two EPs and a split of 7” with fellow Portland band Spookies, preceded their second full length effort, Temporary Monument, which arrived in September 2015.

After releasing a singles collection LP for the “See My Friends” imprint called “Lucky Box” the band will be back in September 2018 with the release of “Post”, Woolen Mens third LP. After a couple of shows in Portland at the beginning of September to promote their new LP the band will embark on their second European tour alongside comrades and label mates Honey Bucket.


// Honey Bucket (See My Friends / Metal PostCard / PDX, OR) //

Honey Bucket is a very not-punk punk band, or a very punk not-punk band, deeply suspicious of chord changes and more indebted to Captain Beefheart than whatever incongruous reference they’ll surely be saddled with. Few people with this much to say make albums that rip from start to finish. It’s kind of like how if you start running with a stack of plates at some point the momentum is also keeping you from dropping the plates. Do you know what I mean? It’s okay if you don’t. Recorded live to 4-track by Raf Spielman (The Woolen Men). A record for people like me, who need a reason to get out of bed and don’t wholly trust bands that haven’t built their own world.