- 04.10

(Concert - Indie rock)

Doors 20:00

Show 21:00

Presale 5€

Tickets at the doors 7€






After releasing the EP "Polara" a year ago, luxembourg’s

math // post-rock artist Pleasing created an imaginary photo album with his dearest memories, infused with soft twinkly guitar riffs and lush waves of retrospective chords.

Single taken from the to be released EP:


This 3 song EP named  "1 & 2" will be released on 4th October at De Gudde Wëllen


Supported by:


The Choppy Bumpy Peaches

A live performance of The Peaches will take you on a cosmic ride from heavy psychadelic guitar riffs to Indian summer vibes, all floating in a lush atmosphere of sound.


Rat October

Alternative rock anthems from luxembourg